Touching The Sun Light

Touching sun light

The journey should be the death of me

Touching sun light so fine

I want every last ray of light to be mine


Tired of my war

Spent too long laying on this dusty old floor

Touching the sun light

On top of this life’s great mountain

Quench my thirst from chances fountain

The cold winds of insecurity that stuck it’s icy claws into me have for now drifted


What was a living hell I feel lifted

I will always feel sorry for all the wrong I did

I had to learn

Walk through the fire knowing that I would surely burn

Point finger of blame

You may

Every dog has his day


Still so far to go

Tears waiting on the pillow

Happiness can only be skin deep and not so easy to keep

That is why it is so precious and not a right

Touching the sun light so bright, so fine

Can you really blame me for wanting every ray of light to be mine



About darkersideoflight

Hi welcome to my world, I just noticed i have been writing here since 2011. You probably stumbled across me one way or another. I have been writing since the age of sixteen and soon I will be 49. I call my words poetry but i see the words as potential lyric to a song and one day when I have the time and money this is a road i will follow but till then I will be here. Please feel free to contact me if you are a musician or a band looking for a song writer and you feel you could work with me thank you and have good time where ever you may be.
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