Doors on my Heart


Doors on my heart

I have spent many an hour wishing I was not me

I have spent many a night walking the corridors of mind

Wishing to be free and looking for things I may never find

The doors of my heart open and close

I lost the key to my heart door many a year ago

I want to be loved

As time has proceeded

There’s a need to be needed

Give me love

Or strike me down with lighting

Sweet Jesus above

Just love

I want to feel love

For a day or a night

What is wrong

So what is right

If the hat fits

If the price is right

Just need to be loved

Hey sister

Call me mister

I am a brother to the men of the world

Even though I lay on the floor my body curled

The tears in my eye are from time that has passed us all by

I need to be loved

With out condition or any kind of verbal rendition

Just need to be loved

Just need to be loved



About darkersideoflight

Hi welcome to my world, I just noticed i have been writing here since 2011. You probably stumbled across me one way or another. I have been writing since the age of sixteen and soon I will be 49. I call my words poetry but i see the words as potential lyric to a song and one day when I have the time and money this is a road i will follow but till then I will be here. Please feel free to contact me if you are a musician or a band looking for a song writer and you feel you could work with me thank you and have good time where ever you may be.
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