My Thyroid Story


My Thyroid story

At the time I was forty five it was September 2012 and I was doing my normal run when towards the end of my eight mile run I had a really bad attack of nausea, I wasn’t sick but reached really violently several times and this became a regular thing during my runs, so it seemed natural to shorten my runs as all kinds of excuses went through my head from my age to something I had eaten or possibly suffering from a long term bug(Being a child minder we do pick  bugs from the ankle biters God bless them from time to time). Then come December 2012 it got to the point I couldn’t run a mile without stopping or starting and being badly out of breath and also during that period from Sept to December I couldn’t stay awake very long during the day, if I went to the cinema I would fall asleep and snore the building down, and if you were talking to me the chances were I would fall asleep much to the annoyance of the wife and kids. Even driving became an issue I worried about falling asleep over the wheel as it was a fight to keep my eyes open at times, also I became very moody, irrational this was not a good period for the wife and kids. Not forgetting my weight gain at one stage I was sixteen stone, three stone heavier than I should be and I couldn’t lose it even on a diet. Swallowing food became a major problem, it just got stuck half way down my throat not very pleasant when you try to wash it down with a glass of water, it all goes down eventually but painfully slow.

Now let’s go back about seven years ago I was diagnosed with high cholesterol at level 9 the doctor was ready to put me into a coffin and bury me there then in his surgery!!

So I did what was asked of me being shocked at the time I exercised more went on a strict diet and took my statins and after a period of time took another blood test to find out my levels to my amazement nothing changed really except my level was 8.5 a heart attack in the offering according to my GP. So I continued with my medication and an even stricter diet and up the exercise and after a few months and a blood test to find out my levels were again 8.5, I started to research my health problem and came across a brilliant book call The Great Cholesterol Con by Dr Malcom Kendrick an informative and at times a very witty book that is easy to read even it does contain a lot of medical info. Now I had alarm bells ringing in my head about my Cholesterol levels and this book gave an insight and helped me to make a tough decision when my GP decided to up my statins, I took the decision not to take them any more as something wasn’t right and nothing was making sense I just didn’t know what. It was then I decided to carry out an experiment on myself knowing while taking statins my levels were 8.5 I did the following I kept to a very stringent diet up my exercise yet again and went on to see what my levels would be over the next eighteen months the result was they didn’t change not up or down the level remained at 8.5…….Why? My conclusion was at the time this was my natural level and not to be messed with and contrary to the hype a round Cholesterol you can have high Cholesterol and live a very long healthy life and trying to lower it can and will actually make you very ill.

Now let’s come back to the present day as far as March 2013 by this time I had been to the doctors and explained my situation and to tell you the truth I thought by this time I had cancer, thankfully it was not said the Doctor at that point I sighed a big sigh of relief which didn’t last long when he said however you no longer have a thyroid it gone disappeared, defunct, I was stunned, What?, How?, Why?, Well he went on to explain you have a form of auto immune disease where your white blood cells get a little bit confused and attack health tissue and basically the white blood cells have eaten your thyroid. Now here is a fact the doctor noted my high cholesterol and explained that this was also a sign for those who have a thyroid problems and why my previous GP had not picked up on was a mystery, it also appears I have had an over active thyroid probably for the best part of twenty years until then the proof of this was the heavy sweating at night to the point I could soak a duvet and bed I could run in -2 in a T shirt and yes I ran like the wind. Like most I hit the net started researching found a lot of rubbish and one or two good points, I also brought a superb book called Your Thyroid and how to keep it healthy by  Dr Barry Durrant-Peatfield which help me to join the dots together, I also found the Mayo Clinic very helpful

So where did I go from there this is what I have done, Diet is the most important it must be balanced plenty of fruit and veg  and fresh meat and even eggs and dairy products but no cheese technically but for a treat  from time to time Alcohol in moderation no prob. No process food or meat, white rice or white bread any concentrated carbohydrates basically. Drink plenty of water and get a fluoride filter as this affect how well thyroxin works. Also no high energy sugary drinks you will never find your natural levels as you swing from highs to lows due to the sugar

Sleep yes in bed no later than ten thirty (not easy as I can be a night owl or when I come back from a run or the gym I am buzzing for hours after)  the reason is that your body recharges your adrenal glands from 10:30 to about 1:30 in the morning this helps you and your body deal with stress of everyday life the following day  also you will need to exercise now so join a gym or start jogging or take up some kind of exercise and once again if your adrenal glands are suffering or are exhausted you will find it hard to do any of the these.

Supplements should be considered I take the following

Thyroid complex this is available online all the vits a thyroid sufferer needs

Garlic also available online or from local health shops this is good for high Cholesterol sufferers.

Fish oil this has many benefits too

I am also taking an Adrenal supplement too for a short period as my adrenal glands have taken a battering in the last year and are in need of recharging

Now exercise was tough as it was like starting all over again I have been running for years and a member of a gym for two years by now.

As it takes time for the meds to kick in and the body to recover this is a slow and at times a painful process.

My wife dragged me out the door for a run , most days she left me standing and considering she is not a runner it did fire me up as I ran for eight hundred yards stopped got my breath back then carried on repeating the process all the way round, then going to the gym and turning my legs to jelly after about half an hour the reason behind this too is the fact thyroid effects your muscles and stamina, I even struggled to walk the dog suffering from dizzy spells stomach cramps and shortness of breath so this all has to be rebuilt from scratch while your levels get sorted that being TS3, TS4 and TSH in my case I got through two doctors until I found a doctor who worked with a Thyroid consulted and has been a great help to me

Today November 30th I run twice a week comfortably anything from 8 to 10 miles admittedly slower than what I did a few years ago but I am now forty six and can run 8.5 miles in 1hr 27 mins without stopping for breath and the gym I work a lot harder than some of the younger guns I see down there.

And work wise I have no problems I handle my days fairly well.

Down days they do come and go for no reason most of the time all you can do is battle through(I find power naps always helps) chances are you will be O.K. in a day or two if you don’t consult your doctor



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Hi welcome to my world, I just noticed i have been writing here since 2011. You probably stumbled across me one way or another. I have been writing since the age of sixteen and soon I will be 49. I call my words poetry but i see the words as potential lyric to a song and one day when I have the time and money this is a road i will follow but till then I will be here. Please feel free to contact me if you are a musician or a band looking for a song writer and you feel you could work with me thank you and have good time where ever you may be.
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6 Responses to My Thyroid Story

  1. perthians says:

    Are you taking synthetic thyroid hormone?

    • Yes I am does it the trick for me feeling a lot better than 12 months ago I did look at other remedies how ever here in the UK there are some very tight regulations. I am lucky to have an understanding Doctor.

  2. i hope the doctor who is treating you is good! hope and pray!

  3. LFFL says:

    I wonder if more people have thyroid issues that don’t know it.

    • the thyroid control many elements of the bodies function, so many people may have an heart problem to a sleeping disorder to diabetes or weight issues too fat or too thin, no energy too much energy, depression the problem is the doctor will treat the symptoms and not the course meaning patience will get further ill or have an operation that may not be required.

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