Slip away



Slip away


Looking back over the years

No one to blame for our situation

Clinical and some could say a cynical observation

We slip away

Slip away


Have all our tomorrows blown away

Dreams on credit

Only the shadows of our being get to stay

How long one can hold their breath has a limit

Decision that we made

Is the bed that we got laid


Looking at our history

Is the future for us all

Love last a life time

Changes constantly for you and me

Running to the edge so closely


Have all our tomorrows blow away

Night bleeds into another light

Do we care?

Who’s wrong?

Who’s right?

Far a part

Sitting tight

We drift way

Drift away





About darkersideoflight

Hi welcome to my world, I just noticed i have been writing here since 2011. You probably stumbled across me one way or another. I have been writing since the age of sixteen and soon I will be 49. I call my words poetry but i see the words as potential lyric to a song and one day when I have the time and money this is a road i will follow but till then I will be here. Please feel free to contact me if you are a musician or a band looking for a song writer and you feel you could work with me thank you and have good time where ever you may be.
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