Having Time


Having Time


The T.V. flickers in the corner

I find the summer grows near as the evenings are warmer

Somehow now I find you closer

Much closer than we have been for a while

Tears and anger…..now there’s a smile


Having time

Like finding a spare nickel or a dime

Having time

Means we can now draw the line

Finding our breath

Having time

To think which way is right and which way is left


Holding hands like teenagers and stealing a kiss

There’s a peace

There’s a release

Laughter and less of the fighting

May be that’s why I don’t need so much time for my writing

May we continue our dancing and singing


Could have quit so easily

Negatives are away to positives just take time to see

Tonight we make love and full slowly and quietly into our own story



About darkersideoflight

Hi welcome to my world, I just noticed i have been writing here since 2011. You probably stumbled across me one way or another. I have been writing since the age of sixteen and soon I will be 49. I call my words poetry but i see the words as potential lyric to a song and one day when I have the time and money this is a road i will follow but till then I will be here. Please feel free to contact me if you are a musician or a band looking for a song writer and you feel you could work with me thank you and have good time where ever you may be.
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