Darkerside of Light

I wrote my first poem when I was fifteen, it was then I noticed my talent, sadly I never wrote another poem for the best part of twenty years then when my son died in 2000 the poems started to flow at the time it was both a blessing and a curse and in later years I self published my own book called One Man’s Wilderness a poetic account of a Husband, father, salesman dealing with the loss of his son over an eighteen month period.

I went on to join many poetry sites the best being the Castle which sadly closed down a place where I made many friends from all over the world. Like I said poetry is a blessing and a curse, it gives me great pleasure but at the same time it drains me mentally hence I will only prob post a poem a week on average and if I miss a week I’m just recharging myself.

Frustrated song writer many have said some poems would make good tunes, I have dabbled and the results were interesting and it was fun to make.

I have recently been encouraged to offer a poetry writing service which I am willing to do just waiting for the response and something I will need to continue to push.

So I hope my poem make you think and also enjoy, as you will see I have a unique style.

Thanking you for taking time to Read


1 Response to Darkerside of Light

  1. prayingforoneday says:

    Hi. Shaun here. We all Know Tersia and her story about her Daughter Vic.
    The one year anniversary just passed. I am asking you PLEASE share and show this collage.
    I made it with pictures that Tersia shared with us all.
    This is not an award, it is in Memory of Vic and to show the strength of Tersia in what she did
    I BEG YOU SHOW THIS AND SHARE THIS. From my heart to yours. Shaun


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